A Call for Wheelchair Repair Regulations in Canada

My message to Health Canada. I welcome your thoughts. Are wheelchair repair companies subject to any formal regulation or accountability in Canada, and if not, why is that? I am a disabled Canadian who has used an electric wheelchair throughout my lifetime. I have continually received appalling service from my repair company, including charges for … Continue reading A Call for Wheelchair Repair Regulations in Canada

Understanding and Fighting Austerity: November 12th

Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly Day School, Saturday, November 12th  What are some of the forces that are driving the current crisis? How is it pushing forward the agenda of  business and governments to get working people and our organizations to tighten our belts and accept their calls for austerity? What forms is resistance taking around … Continue reading Understanding and Fighting Austerity: November 12th

In #Toronto, #Ontario #Election #Accessibility Information Session TOMORROW

This Tuesday, there will be an information session with reps from Elections Ontario, where we will learn about about the work Elections Ontario is doing to improve the accessibility of the election process. The session is from 6-8pm at the Centre for Independent Living in Toronto: 365 Bloor Street East, Suite 902. Pizza, Tokens and … Continue reading In #Toronto, #Ontario #Election #Accessibility Information Session TOMORROW

#Harper’s #Canada – a list of defunded organizations

Unofficial tentative list of organizations whose funding has been cut or ended by the Harper government, including government agencies that supported civil society groups. * *Organizations/ watchdogs whose staff have been fired, forced out, publically maligned, or who have resigned in protest: * ·          Canada Firearms Program (Chief Supt. Marty Cheliak, … Continue reading #Harper’s #Canada – a list of defunded organizations

GEORGE #GALLOWAY Speaks on #revolution in the Arab world

Monday, March 14 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm Trinity-St. Paul's Centre 427 Bloor Street West Toronto, ON In the first few weeks of 2011, revolutions have swept across the Arab world, toppling dictators in Tunisia and Egypt, and threatening to topple one in Libya. Uprisings are also underway in Bahrain, Yemen, and elsewhere, as people all across the region … Continue reading GEORGE #GALLOWAY Speaks on #revolution in the Arab world