Some follow up to the post I made earlier about the #disabled man who stood up for #student rights in the #UK

Following the interview I posted earlier this week, complaints have been made to the BBC. McIntyre has posted his thoughts on the interview to his blog, and says he finds the whole situation not that surprising. As for me, the whole situation has inspired me to keep tabs on how austerity measures are impacting people with disabilities, so look forward to more on that soon.

One thought on “Some follow up to the post I made earlier about the #disabled man who stood up for #student rights in the #UK

  1. Welcome all advocates on behalf of a genuine democracy – please enjoy my poem “Cling To It” as well the diversity of opinion on environmental sustainability from the COC to David Orton

    Spiritroots Communications….Canada’s Independent Spiritual Voice or Goggle Spiritroots Communications

    Issue # 12 Values, Judgements & Perceptions

    warmest regards from the Spiritual-Religious Left,
    Carole Payne
    proud Mom of one of Canada’s autistic citizens
    Merry Christmas Damn It – to political incorrectness….therefore free expression, thought & therefore debate…..
    WE need more work done on behalf of genuine employment, education opportunities for the moderatly disabled to a realistic ODSP payment for those severely challenged as well programming to sustain their psychological health as equal Canadian citizens within a participatory democracy

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