Letter to Ontario’s Minister of Health on Wheelchair Repair Regulations

Dear Minister Hoskins,

I am writing to inquire as to why wheelchair repair companies do not appear to be subject to any formal regulation or accountability in Ontario. I am a disabled Canadian who has used an electric wheelchair throughout my lifetime. I have continually received appalling service from my repair company, including charges for unnecessary and incomplete repairs, lack of communication about the repairs or possible completion date, and wheelchairs loaned to me that were infested with cockroaches and bed bugs. Upon communication with others, I find that this situation is common whether the wheelchair user pays out of pocket or has social assistance. Why is there no accountability on something so vital to our quality of life?

To date I have not found any accountability measures through repair companies, the manufacturers, or government. Also, it has been my experience that this accountability is not as much of an issue with the technicians, but with the administrative staff and others who profit from their work.

I’m sure that in your time as Minister, and in your past experience with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act has helped you realize that for those of us who use wheelchairs on a regular basis these are not just medical devices, but tools that connect us to our communities, families, jobs, and all of the other aspects of our lives.

Does it not seem reasonable and fair that customers of these companies receive accountable service? What can be done to ensure this takes place?

2 thoughts on “Letter to Ontario’s Minister of Health on Wheelchair Repair Regulations

  1. Thanks Melissa, on behalf of the nameless thousand of Ontarians who’ve been victims of highly unprofessional services by mobility product and repair companies. If there’s an inadequate response from the minister’s office, turning to other advocacy tools is worth considering -eg. jump-starting a petition on this issue.

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