I’m Looking for the Snowiest Sidewalk in Canada

say no to sidewalk snow sign

I know this winter has been pretty mild so far, but there’s probably still some snowy sidewalks out there.  For most people a snowy sidewalk in just an inconvience, but for a person with a disability it can be a real problem.  Sidewalk snow can keep us from getting to work, school, shopping, and participating in our communities; yet often the people who run those communities fail to pay attention to the problem, and people with disabilities have to live with the consequences of an inadequate budget for sidewalk snow removal.

In London Ontario last year the sidewalk snow was so bad I had to cancel job interviews and appointments because I couldn’t get past the front door of my building, and that was downtown.  For reasons like that I didn’t feel very accepted as a person with a disability in London, and moved on to another community.

I still think this an important issue, and if you agree, help me find the snowiest sidewalk in Canada.  It’s time we had inclusive sidewalks.  For more information, click here

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