Why Disabled Canadians should care about Bill C – 51

Today I was asked why disabled people should be concerned about bill C-51. This was my response :

I’m not sure I’m understanding your question, are you saying that the serious potential for the violation of human rights is not a concern of the disability community? “Demonstrating without an official permit or protesting despite a court order, activities that are commonly carried out by Indigenous communities, environmental groups, the labour movement and many others, could be targeted by the new CSIS powers, even though they are fully protected under the Charter of Rights and international law.
These new powers to reduce security threats by CSIS agents are not defined. The only exclusions are acts that would lead to death, bodily harm, perversion of justice or violation of sexual integrity. Other internationally guaranteed human rights such as liberty, privacy and freedom of expression are not protected from these new CSIS powers.
CSIS agents can also seek authorization from Federal Court Judges for warrants to take action that violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and permits them to act in disregard of local law in the countries where they are operating.” (Amnesty International)

Many disabled people are concerned about this bill, as it impacts our ability to support our rights, and it impacts the rights of those who show solidarity with us.

Say no to Bill C-51! Find a local rally, sign a petition, and contact your MP.

More ways to get involved

2 thoughts on “Why Disabled Canadians should care about Bill C – 51

  1. Cross posted from First Nations Say ENOUGH! on facebook: Thanks very much for posting this Nehiyo. I have been very interested in getting people with diverse abilities to look at the specific acts of deliberate destruction of democracy that has been targeted at this population in Canada in recent years. One example that needs to sink in to the consciousness of every person who has been hoping for success of the agencies established for full citizenship of people with functional challenges, was the crushing of the membership of the Handicapped Housing Society of Alberta [HHSA] by active collusion between the privatization forces and the Edmonton Police Service. This was facilitated by the aiding and abetting of this assault on democracy by the Klein cabal in the government of Alberta. This was achieved by the active blocking of the implementation of a motion to do a membership controlled audit/review of this society’s management that was passed by a very large margin at the 1996 AGM. Misuse of law enforcement was perpetrated when the HHSA executive committee had Edmonton Police enter meetings on 2 occasions in 1997 to intimidate and interfere with the conduct of these meetings. This created an atmosphere of silence and fear. Ten years later – the privatized management cancelled the memberships of the whole agency’s support base. With the Edmonton Police Service acting as muscle for this abuse, it has been extremely hard to get any form of remedy – due to the duress being inflicted against witnesses. A great deal of the documentation is available on this case, and it is something that INM needs to be able to review, in order to demonstrate the vacuousness of how rights and freedoms are practiced in Canada. If we are to have a future that will be compatible with the potential of human civilization, this kind of self-interested bullying must be reversed.

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