Reclaiming Our Bodies and Minds: Disability, Oppression, Action! Conference

When: March 16th, 6pm until March 18th, 6pm

Where: Ryerson University Student Campus Centre, 55 Gould Street, Toronto, Ontario

Reclaiming our Bodies and Minds: Disability, Oppression, Action! is a collaborative space for communities to come together, learn, network, and develop skills. We acknowledge that people with disabilities have a diverse range of experiences. However, one experience that is consistent is that of disempowerment. As people with disabilities it is our time to reclaim our bodies and minds, take control of the services we use, and work with our allies to achieve the freedom and autonomy we deserve.

Through a weekend of presentations, workshops, dialogue, arts, and engagement, participants will gain skills and knowledge to apply to community organizing, self-advocacy, systemic advocacy, and experiences in post-secondary institutions. We will spend the weekend exploring concepts of freedom, autonomy, and empowerment in order to reclaim services, experiences, and our bodies and minds! If you are interested in submitting a proposal please see the call for proposals section. Please pre-register using our registration form, found on the registration page.

Cost: All fees are on a sliding scale or pay what you can. Registration fees will be collected at the registration table on the conference date. We ask that you pre-register.

  • Professionals: $30-$50
  • Community Member: $10-$20
  • Student: Free

For more information, or to register please go to

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