Why Students with Disabilities should Support the National Day of Action

The Canadian Federation of Students national day of action is coming up Wednesday February 1, that’s right TODAY! Now more than ever it is important that students with disabilities show their numbers and advance the fight for accessible education in Ontario and around the country. This type of Canada-wide student day of action doesn’t happen very often, so even though it’s February, here’s a few reasons why students with disabilities need to make themselves heard:

People with disabilities are more likely to enter post-secondary education than the general population, yet we are rarely represented in our student unions, that is if we can even access our student unions (the Graduate Student Union at the University of Toronto is not accessible to people in wheelchairs, for example). Apparently the CFS in Ontario has a Constituency Group for Students with Disabilities, but until I decided to write this article I’d never heard of it, so it’s a fairly safe bet that neither have you. All the more reason to show student unions that we exist.

Despite our levels of education, people with disabilities still face many barriers to employment, discrimination being the biggest barrier of all. A great way to fight this discrimination is to make ourselves visible, and in the meantime lower tuition fees to make post-secondary education more accessible.

Activism can be really fun, and a great way to get to know new people. It might also help you to know that some institutions have Campus Students with Disabilities Groups (and I’m not talking about accommodation bureaucracy), so check them out too!

There is now a listing of all events to-date across the country, so be there and have a blast!

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