Upcoming #Disabled Young People’s Project Retreat in #Toronto | #li #youth

The Disabled Young Peoples Project (DYPP) is an arts based pilot project working on building community alongside youth (16-29) from black, African, Aboriginal, racialized, immigrant, First Nations and Indigenous communities who are also living with a disability across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


DYPP Retreat:

Join us to imagine, create and claim space for our bodies in the arts, in our communities and in our homes. We are currently looking for youth with varied and multiple lived experiences of disability to be a part of the DYYP of the forthcoming and totally “sick” DYPP Retreat in 2011.

The DYPP Retreat is for individuals who:

  • are interested in creating a project that reflects the specific needs of youth from black, racialized, immigrant, first nations and indigenous communities and backgrounds

  • are passionate about the arts as a means of self expression

  • have no experience or are experienced community organizing superstars

  • have no time, too much time, and just enough time to spare

  • and everyone else in between who identifies with, questions, troubles and or is suspicious of being told/labelled as “disabled” or “having a disability” as they deal with all sorts of chronic, mental, emotional, psychological, and physical situations and states of being.

Think this might be you? Get in Touch:

If you are interested in partaking in this groundbreaking project, we want to work along with you. To get details about the next meeting, please feel free to contact

Timage Zekaria, DYPP Project coordinator at dypp.kwemto [at] gmail [dot] com or

 Onyii Udegbe at kwemtot [at] gmail [dot] com 

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