Fight Back against #MegaQuarry Open Mine Pit near #Orangeville

Image of potential Mega-quarry

First Nations are fighting back in solidarity with farmers and ranchers in the Orangeville area to stop the Mega Quarry Open Mine Pit. This quarry is privately backed by a U.S. hedge fund, and will decimate the crops, water supply, and wildlife.

For a better picture of the extent of this mine, imagine digging a hole deeper than Niagara Falls, and twice as wide; then pumping enough water out of that hole to fill two thousand tanker trucks each day. This will be one of the largest open pit mines in Canada, and the company is suggesting that it will benefit the environment. The truth is, under Ontario law, an environmental assessment is not required for a mega-quarry.

Please join the fight back against this open pit mine. Protestors will meet on July 21st at 12pm at the Ministry of the Environment, 77 Wellesley Street, Toronto.

If you are unable to attend, you can also sign the online petition.

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