#Women, #Resistance and #Revolution – a one-day conference March 19th, 2011 #Toronto


Egyptian women protesting
Revolution is sweeping the Arab world. In Tunisia, Bahrain, Egypt and now Libya, women are playing a central role in these movements. In so doing they are defying stereotypes and inspiring struggles all over the world by showing the possibility of genuine women’s liberation.  At the same time, the government of Stephen Harper continues to attack women’s rights here in Canada. Join the International Socialists for this one-day conference as we examine the roots of women’s oppression, why it persists today and what can be done to fight it.

SATURDAY MARCH 19 11:30-4:30pm

O.I.S.E. room 4414
252 Bloor St West (St. George Subway)

11:30am: registration
12-1:15pm: The origins of women’s oppression and why it persists
1:30-2:45pm: Women, Islamophobia and revolution in the Middle East
3-4:30pm: The new sexism and how we fight back today

$10 or pwyc.

Organized by the UofT International Socialists

Information and registration
international.socialists[at]utoronto.ca   www.socialist.ca


One thought on “#Women, #Resistance and #Revolution – a one-day conference March 19th, 2011 #Toronto

  1. wonderful idea. I stated in many of my articles that it was because women were in the front lines of the demonstrations that the youth movement in the Arab world broke all barriers of fear and apathy. In Iraq of 2003, it was the Iraqi women who took to the streets to express their wrath of foreign invasion and occupation of Iraq, while men huddled to devise a “wise” way to expressing their displeasure…

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