#Toronto Open Budget Initiative hosts July 13 Campaign Launch and Town Hall

City Hall, Council Chambers
100 Queen Street West
Tuesday, July 13 at 6 p.m.

TOBI, The Toronto Open Budget Initiative is a group of residents and community organizations working in areas including housing, arts, environment, childcare, social planning, child welfare, seniors, youth, anti-poverty, gender and racial equality, and local community services.  This group formed in September 2009 and has been organizing and advocating for a more open, participatory and equitable budget process in the City of Toronto.

The City of Toronto’s budget is $9.2 billion and oversees programs and services for over 2.4 million people.  TOBI wants to find ways for individuals to become more involved in making the decisions about how these funds are spent.  Join us for:
* A panel presentation of TOBI principles and values
* TOBI’s recommended actions
* A chance to learn about some issues within Toronto’s current budget process
* Sharing your ideas for a more open and participatory budget process in Toronto

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