Open Letter to Minister Deb Matthews On principles for the Ontario Nutritional Supplement Program

From 25 in 5, the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, and the ODSP Action Coalition

Dear Minister Matthews,

The decision the McGuinty government has taken to end the Special Diet Allowance for people on Ontario Works and the Ontario Disability Support Program has been interpreted as a disturbing signal about the degree to which government is committed to the goals of poverty reduction and the importance of protecting the human rights of people with disabilities.

However, it also presents you with the opportunity to create a new program that will address the acknowledged shortcomings of the Special Diet Allowance program, while ensuring continuation of the important financial support it provides to people with documented health challenges.

In light of the government’s announcement that the Ministry of Health will be creating a replacement program for the Special Diet Allowance, we are writing to forward our proposal for Five Principles that should form the basis for this new program.

Read the entire letter.

Read the story in the Toronto Star about the Five Principles and what the loss of Special Diet could mean for many people currently on ODSP.

2 thoughts on “Open Letter to Minister Deb Matthews On principles for the Ontario Nutritional Supplement Program

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  2. Wow…that is a new low! We relied on the special diet allowance when we were on ODSP and my partner was fighting cancer. With the very specific (expensive) diet he needed, I don’t know how we would have survived. I am sad to hear about this.

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