Aimee Mullins TED Talk: The opportunity of adversity (and the power of words)

This talk by Aimee Mullins is amazing.  She makes important points about the language of disability, and I think anyone who works with people with disabilities, especially children, should pay careful attention to these words.

From my own experience, I can say that the language used around my disability was the biggest barrier I had to overcome.  From being labelled unmotivated and lazy because I wanted to make my own choices, to being viewed as some kind of wonder kid in newspapers.  It was a very confusing and frustrating thing that served as a reminder of how little people around me understood me.  For any kid labels can be hard to deal with, but when those labels come from people that are supposed to believe in you, where do you turn?

I hope this video inspires you to look at disability differently, and please share it.

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