#Toronto #hate literature targets #homeless, #disabled, sex workers, psych survivors, addicts, #racialized people, etc etc

A book was just published by a Toronto Sun cartoonist that is like a catalogue of street-involved homeless people.
It has profiles of each person with a drawing and description, often using people’s real name. The drawings also lable various features on the person’s body as if they are animals to be examed, for example “weird growth on neck”.
Each profile also includes a map of where to find people – the exact blocks where they tend to hang out.
It names and describes people like  “escaped mental patient”, “crack whore”, “pimp”, etc.
Apparently the author followed people around for two years to write the book.
Here is the website. It includes a sample of the book – the sample is NOT the ‘worst’ stuff… it gets scarier.

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