Sign the #Klimaform Declaration

The basis for Klimaforum09 is the realisation that there is no technological »fix« to the mounting climate crisis. No technology per se – such as i.e. nuclear power, biofuels, genetically modified organisms, carbon capture and storage – can lead us out of the climate crisis. Such solutions will typically lead to far larger problems than they solve. In contrast, sustainable societies require a diversity of locally based solutions – which again require significant mobilisation of civil society.

Klimaforum09 believes that what is needed is building a finely balanced relation to nature, thus reducing consumption and production, rather than uncritically exploiting nature and believing in economic growth as is the case in global society today. To attain such change we need new ways of thinking, new cultural values, and new means of organising society.

With this starting point, Klimaforum09 wishes to promote and debate true, renewable and environmentally sustainable solutions to the climatic changes we are facing. In other words, solutions that:

1. prioritise energy saving and energy effectiveness,
2. promote the use of safe, clean, renewable energy,
3. reduce greenhouse gas emissions and as such do not promote or cement the use of fossil fuels,
4. are built on agricultural methods that fix carbon in the soil and reduce the use of fertilisers and which do not create a threat towards ecosystems, the climate and biodiversity,
5. secure sustainable use of as well as equal and just access to Earth’s resources, and
6. remain critical to the blind focus on consumption which dominates the global society today.

Our wish is that the above will provide a positive platform for constructive debate and exchange of ideas. Klimaforum09 aims at constituting a cohesive framework for a multitude of conferences, workshops, exhibitions etc., to which citizens, grass roots and organisations from all over the world will contribute during the COP15 conference in Copenhagen.

Sign the Declaration and pass it on!

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