7 pm
25 Cecil Street
(just south of College, east of Spadina)

Women can never achieve equality or better lives for themselves and their families unless they have the right to control their reproduction.

Yet the Harper government is consciously excluding the provision of abortion as part of the ‘maternal and child health policy’ they are pushing at the upcoming G20 meetings in Toronto.
But if, as they claim, their purpose is to save lives and make women and children’s lives better, this is not possible if women don’t have access to a full range of reproductive choices, including abortion.

The Harper government is emboldening the anti-choice minority in this country. If they are allowed to pursue the Bush-era policy of cutting funding for abortion in developing countries, they may begin to more directly attack abortion rights in Canada. JOIN US FOR A PANEL DISCUSSION on the stakes in these G20 talks, and how we can organize to defend abortion rights at home and abroad.

with :
Ayesha Adhami Immigrant Women’s Health Centre
Kelly Holloway organized opposition to the anti-choice Genocide Awareness Project
Jessica Yee Canadians for Choice; Native Youth Sexual Health Network
Judy Vashti Persad Women Working with Immigrant Women
Carolyn Egan Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics
Rhonda Roffey Women’s Habitat

Organized by the Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics

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